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About CERT-G


The Civil Emergency Readiness Training Group (CERT-G) is a community of families.  We are made up of different ages, genders, beliefs, nationalities, and skill-sets.  We provide training to our members with the skills and abilities of our members.  We stand for independence through dependence upon each other.  We practice self-sufficiency and readiness while recognizing that "no man is an island, entire of itself" (John Donne), and that although we may prepare ourselves for whatever life throws our way; regardless of our readiness posture, no one person, family, or group is immune from hardship.  The desire to take precaution against these hardships in our personal lives and families has moved us to create our four Standards of Readiness™.  Derived from an adaptation to the mnemonic "Please Remember What's First," used to remind and prioritize needs in a survival situation and having been recently popularized by Bear Grylls,  our four Standards of Readiness are Protection & Psychology, Rescue, Water, and Food.  Each of these Standards are represented symbolically in our badge.  The shield is symbolic of the necessity to provide for our substantive physical defense against the dangers presented to our persons, families, tribe, and properties.  The Liberty Bell and stars represent our willingness to defend our individual and tribal freedom from any organized body seeking to infringe upon those freedoms.  Although the Caduceus is often misused as a symbol in the medical fields, in our case it has been intentionally chosen.  It represents the need to maintain vigilance and readiness for our own medical obligations and for that of the tribe, by the non-combatant member.  The rifle represents the physical force that, in perilous times, must be used to protect and defend the members and the other Standards from injury, theft, and degradation.  The lightning bolt symbolizes the need for efficient and effective communications as well, as the destructiveness that results from the lack thereof.  The blue background in the shield symbolizes the integral and vast necessity of pure water, and the resulting life found in it's abundance. The wreath supporting the shield represents the absolute need for, and synergistic effect of Survival Psychological and Spiritual Readiness; while their verdancy represents the need for sustenance and subsistence both in physical and spiritual food.

The four Standards of Readiness

Protection & Psychology
Protection is a broad category incorporating many forms and means of protecting ourselves, and each other against threats and dangers; threats and dangers not limited to physical force.  Rather, protection incorporates all spheres of threats and danger, even those associated with protection from exposure to the elements of nature which, without preparation for, life would be an unbearable existence.  We are not promised a hassle free existence.  In fact, we are promised a life filled with challenges and hurdles, and with the proper attitude these same challenges and hurdles can be used to teach us how to improvise, adapt, and overcome future obstacles.  So much of survival is mentality that it is a waste of time to attempt to effect survival with an attitude inconsistent with survival.  The military axiom "embrace the suck" is the epitome of this concept and no different than Cody Lundin's "Party On Attitude."  Survival Psychology is also cited as an integral part of survival and has an entire chapter dedicated to it in the US Army Survival Manual (FM 21-76).  For these reasons, Protection and Psychology earn their way into the  primary slot of our four Standards of Readiness™.  Protection and Psychology encompass the tiers of personal and family protection and security, the ability to defend oneself, and the refusal to give in on your own survival.  "I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself"  (D. H. Lawrence).  These ideals are fundamental to the readiness of the members of CERT-G.

Rescue is a compilation of the knowledge, tools, and skills with which to extricate your self, family, and tribe from physical danger.  This can be either by the removal from, or total avoidance of associated dangers.   This standard includes the knowledge and practicing of medical, mountaineering, and communication skills.  In keeping with the rule of 3's, that is: 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, 3 minutes without air, and 3 seconds without blood, this Standard earns the number two spot in the standards.

Water is critical to our survival and the survival of our food supplies as well.  Without water, life would not be possible for humans.  No one Standard can continue in an effective manner without access to a safe and replenishable water supply.   It is the mutually life giving and improving properties that earns water it's slot on the Standards.

Without food, all work would quickly grind to a miserable grumbling halt.  Protection & Psychology, Rescue, Water, and Food are equally important and interdependent upon each other.  Survival without any of them is not possible.  The bottom tier is not awarded to food based on a lesser need, but rather it is placed here due to the speed at which the removal of any Standard affects survival.  


No one  blanket plan can provide for the needs of all survival situations.  These tiers are presented in this hierarchy for the purposes of reminding, focusing, organizing, and prioritizing the needs of survival situations.  One tier may be of greater concern than another based on the situation at hand.  This method works in the field and at home.


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